Our Services

All your data in one place

  • Microsoft Azure hosting of your data platform
  • Management of all processes in your data platform including:
    • Connectivity to source systems and cloud services
    • Extracting, loading and transforming processes
    • Database maintenance
    • Storage management
    • Refresh of Power BI
  • Management of support issues related to your data and reporting platform
  • Data hosting costs are included in the monthly fee

Business insights & efficiencies

  • Dashboards and reports tailored to your organisation's needs
  • Continuous refinement/improvement to the PowerBI dashboards and reports
  • Workflow automation achieved using data in your data platform
  • Up to 10,000 automated SMS’s and emails per month
  • PowerBI training for your team members

Future proofing / Trusted partner / Data strategy

  • Monthly newsletter identifying an interesting insight to your organisation’s data and industry data trends
  • Addition of an uncapped number of data sources or cloud services as your organisation evolves
  • Ongoing data strategy, data consulting and trusted data adviser services

Fast, smooth project delivery

  • We can deliver once off, fixed price data projects of any shape and size
  • We work closely with you to ensure project deliverables and success criteria align to your needs and priorities
  • We can break down bigger data challenges into smaller chunks to fit the available budget

Examples include:

  • Data strategy
  • Data analysis
  • Data warehouse build
  • Dashboards and reports build
  • Workflow automation
  • Integration between different systems
  • Data migration

The Benefits

Automate Reporting

Save time and money creating reports manually. Reports are available when you need them.

Always Current

Reports deliver most value when they are fresh. Uncover and apply insights that are current now

Security Compliance

Comply with government regulations by storing data in a secure location and tracking all data at all times

Automate Workflow

Use data to automate workflow and send emails and SMS notifications.

Save Money

Access enterprise data solutions at a fraction of the cost

Proven Technology

Proven platform used by our partners, securly managed by Insight38.


Insight38 platform is flexible in handling the most challenging enterprise integration requirements.

We can source data from any system. Tell us about the systems your organisation uses and we’ll identify the way to source the data


Why do organisations need to invest in their data capability?

An organisation's ability to organise and use it's data will define its ability to survive and thrive

How secure is the Insight38 data platform?

Insight38’s data platform runs on Microsoft’s Azure cloud based technology protected by Microsoft. Azure is a highly secure environment used by over 150,000 organisations globally. In addition, Insight38 has implemented first class information security protocols in designing the platform. Every customer on Insight38 has an independent dedicated data platform eliminating any accidental data breach.

Why do organisations need a data strategy?

  • The vast range and volume of data available today means organisations need to assess which data is valuable and relevant to their organisation and which data is of little value
  • Risks of sourcing and holding certain types of data need to be considered
  • Technology infrastructure requirements need to be considered with an organisation wide lens
  • The skills, culture and data consciousness required in the organisation to support the data strategy, need to be actively cultivated


What notice period is required to cancel the monthly service fee?

1 month

How will Insight38’s Standard Data Service save our organisation money

Most organisations spend considerable time manually collating data and preparing reports, amounting to many days per week/quarter/year. Once your data sourcing is automated and your reports and dashboards built, your staff members will no longer spend any time collating data. The time they would normally spend becomes a direct cost saving that Insight38 will have generated for your organisation

How is the monthly fee charged?

Via direct debit to a standard bank account

Can we choose the date of the monthly direct debit?

Yes, you can choose the date that best suits your organisation

Are automated SMS’s and emails available?

Yes, up to 10,000 automated SMS’s and emails per month are included in the standard data service

Is there a limit to how many data sources can be integrated?

No, on Insight38’s Standard Data Service there is no limit to how many data sources can be integrated to your platform

Will our data be in a separate database?

Yes, each organisation’s data resides in a separate database

If we cancel our contract can we continue to access our data?

Yes, we will move your database to an environment of your choosing. This will allow you to continue to access your historical data

Is there a limit to how many dashboards and reports we can have?

No, there is no limit. We understand organisational reporting needs change over time and we are there to create additional dashboards and reports as required

If we cancel our contract will our data continue to flow into our database?

We can provide a quote to move your data sourcing and loading processes to your new environment. These are the processes that load new data each day. The amount of work required depends on how many data sources your organisation has

What tool is used to create the reports and dashboards?


Can data in spreadsheets be uploaded?

Yes, definitely. Most organisations have some data that is sourced via spreadsheets

What hours are the Insight38 Support Team available?

8am-8pm Melbourne time Monday to Friday

What hours are the Insight38 Technical Team available?

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Can PowerBI reports and dashboards be sent automatically to email?

Yes, to is very easy for any user to create an automated email schedule

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