Migrate SSIS on prem to Azure

Microsoft SSIS is a critical component of all current BI solutions built on MS BI. Migrating the BI solution to Azure will require migrating the SSIS packages. In this blog we'll see how to migrate and run on prem SSIS packages with Azure Integrated run time.


Dynamics 365 BYOD - Entity Export (Part 1)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is a popular ERP system used by medium to large organisations. D365 is a cloud based offering with no access to the backend DB.

In this blog I’ll provide you the key steps to export the data out of D365 onto an Azure SQL Server. The steps listed here are generally referred to as export to BYOD (Bring Your Own Database). The data in D365 is exposed to the users via entities.


Interview - 25K MAINfm Competition

Insight38 recently ran a competition in partnership with community radio station MAINfm which is based in Castlemaine, in regional Victoria. The competition prize was $25,000 worth of data work.