Microsoft SSIS is a critical component of all current BI solutions built on MS BI. Migrating the BI solution to Azure will require migrating the SSIS packages. In this blog we'll see how to migrate and run on prem SSIS packages with Azure Integrated run time.

Before proceeding with the below steps you need to configure the integration runtime in Azure data factory.

Parameterize connections

We parameterized the connections so they can be configured via SQL Agent jobs at run time. You can also configure the solution using Integration Services Catalogs project configuration. Rebuild the solution.

Start deployment to Azure

Right click on the solution and select deploy.

Deployment target

You will be presented with the SSIS deployment wizard, here we will select the target to deploy the packages. Select SSIS in Azure Data Factory as the option here. You need to have IR configured in the Azure to be able to deploy to data factory.

Select destination

This will be the instance you will be deploying the packages to. Server name needs to fully qualified name, this will be in the format [name] You can get this from the Azure portal. The only authentication supported is SQL Server so you need to have a SQL Sever account setup. Enter the credentials for the server.

Review and deploy

The wizard will provide you a summary of the options you have selected if the previous steps were successful.